Thinking of starting an online business?

You have come to the right place then!

Welcome to vstores!

We offer simple and affordable solutions for SMEs looking to develop a branded online store!

What is vstores?

vstores is an online platform that helps you set up an online store. Unlike other commercial platforms, we offer brands with a more personalized set of services. Our ecommerce solutions don’t just assist you in moving to the digital landscape and establish an online presence; they also help you run a fully functioning online business. With vstores, you no longer have to worry about how to successfully manage your business online. We can take care of everything for you.

360° eCommerce solution

End to end solution designed to cover all the critical steps of the buying process such as inventory, UAE integrated secure payment, and multiple delivery choices.

How Does vstores Help?

If you are thinking of starting an online business, then vstores can offer what you are looking for. With vstores, you don’t just get a platform for running your business. We also provide assistance in:

  • Designing and developing your online store
  • Hosting your online store
  • Maintaining your online store
  • Managing your online store

To put it briefly, vstores is a 360° e-commerce solution that won’t only help you in setting up an online business but also run it smoothly. We can help you cover all the critical steps involved in the buying process. We can also help you drive traffic to your website and increase your sales!

Why vstores?

Setting up an online business is harder than it appears. It is also very costly and small businesses often end up using a common platform to establish their online presence. They also compromise on their brand identity in the process. This creates a separate problem because with so many competitors in the market, you fail to distinguish yourself to your customers. Most businesses also struggle to understand the dynamics of running a successful e-commerce website.
That is where we come in.

Why Should You Consider Having an Online Presence?

Let’s take a look at the facts.

99% of the UAE population uses the internet.
85% of these users look for products online every month.
63% of these end up making an online purchase.
Do you know how many online shoppers that is?

More than 6 Million!

If you haven’t considered setting up an online business yet, these numbers have probably convinced you to set up one.

Virtual mall
Be part of the first virtual mall in the UAE and the Middle East - coming soon!