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Starting an online business has never been simpler.

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vstores offers simple and affordable ecommerce solutions for SMEs looking
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Starting an online business has never been simpler...with vstores Interested in finding out more? Keep scrolling to learn about our story.

Our Story

The idea of vstores was conceived when we noted the struggles faced by SMEs in setting up an online business. Budget problems and lack of tech support often forced SMEs to join commercial platforms in order to start an online store. This usually involves a compromise on their brand identity. Additionally, SMEs also lack the specialized support that is necessary for managing an online store.

With vstores, we decided to propose a 360-degree e-commerce solution for SMEs that fail to penetrate the online market with their products and services. From a consumer point of view, we also noticed that buyers are often subject to scams and fraudulent products when purchasing items online. This propelled us to include the elements of trust and safety as part of our philosophy. We aim to establish a network of legitimate businesses online. This can help provide both buyers and sellers with a seamless online experience that is aided by secure transactions and additional backend support offered by our team.

Our Mission

To become the partner of choice for SMEs and their brands and to help them set up an business in the UAE.

Our Core Values

At vstores, we believe in being creative, reliable, professional, simple, and trustworthy. Our work philosophy has been built upon the following values:


With vstores, we aim to offer SMEs with a simplified solution to manage their online business. You do not require any technical expertise to get onboard and we can have your online store up and running in no time at all.


We believe in establishing a long-term relationship with our sellers and buyers that is based on mutual trust and security. Our sellers can be 100% assured that we have their best interests at heart. Their goals are our goals, and we can work together to achieve them. We also believe in providing a secure buying experience to online customers and building their trust in our platform.

Open Access

Regardless of the business size, vstores is available to all SMEs starting an online business. There are no monthly subscription charges. Instead, our model is based on charging a transaction fee. There are no hidden costs as well and you can enjoy flexible payments that vary according to the volume of business you generate.


Communication is an important part of setting up an online business. At vstores, we believe in establishing an open, transparent, and clear channel of communication. Our sellers can reach out to us when they face a problem in managing their online store. We also believe in communicating in a manner that can be understood by our buyers and sellers alike and train our customer service personnel to be helpful, encouraging, clear, and approachable.

End to End Solution

We offer a complete solution to our sellers by equipping them with all the tools required for starting an online business. This includes inventory management, secure payment gateways, product delivery, and 24/7 support in maintaining their online store.

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