About Us

Together, we can do so much more!

The idea of vstores was born when we realised it is not easy for SMEs to set up their own business online. Today brands are faced with the trade-off between vast upfront investments or abandoning their brand identity by joining existing product-based commercial platforms. This is precisely the gap vstores aims to address by offering avordable and hassle-free solutions to enable stores - no matter their size, budget or tech expertise - to get online and stay loyal to their own identity.

During our development phase, we noticed the current market problems as consumers were regularly confronted with scams or dissatisfaction when buying online. This enforced our feeling that trust and safety are both essential in order to develop a successful business on the internet. For this reason, vstores wants to act as a mediator guaranteeing its sellers and buyers best in class security transactions and a seamless online experience.

vstores therefore designed an end to end solution that covers all the critical steps of the buying process such as inventory, secure payment, delivery and continuous support. Sellers keep full control over their online business with minimal administrative hassle.

vstores aims to become the partner of choice for SMEs and their brands in the fast growing market of online shopping in the UAE.

vstores offers simple and affordable solutions for SMEs to develop their own branded online store. Our ready-to-go packages allows quick launch whilst enjoying low set-up costs, customisable layouts and upgradable packages. We provide all the tools and guidance that sellers require in order to broaden their reach, successfully set up their online store and begin selling. This results in a better experience for both the sellers and the buyer who can enjoy purchasing safely and securely through our platform.

vstores demonstrate their value through the following qualities:
End to End Solution
We o er a full solution to sellers with all the tools
they need to manage their online store such as
inventory, secure payment, delivery and continuous
It doesn't matter how tech savvy you are, with
vstores' simplified process and ready-to-go
solutions, you can be up and running your own
online store much faster than you imagine.
Lowering the threshold to own an online store, we want to make sure our customers have the guidance they need to succeed. vstores commits to support its customers through their entire journey.
Trust and security are the pillars of our business. Our sellers can be sure that we are not competing with them, rather vstores aims to build a long-term partnership based on mutual success and maintain our high measures of security and experience to assure our buyer’s trust.
We eliminate set up costs whilst o ering a free option for design packages and a low percentage on income.
At vstores we believe that communication should be open, clear and transparent. We are always there to help our sellers manage their online store and aim to act as a mentor towards them.
vstores is helpful
and empowering.
Here are more attributes that can help
you understand the vstores brand:
vstores believe in speaking the same
language as our customer as the ultimate
way for our message to be understood.
Our sound is helpfulencouragingexpert, and inclusive,
We are approachable and transparent because
so that no matter what kind of business we are speaking
we want to form a relationship with our customers.
to, they can easily understand and feel trust towards
We are informativehelpful and responsive because
vstores in handling their online store.
we want to empower and understand our customer.
We are here to provide a more accessible opportunity
for stores to get online successfully and for their
customers to have a more tailor-made and positive
experience purchasing online.
We don’t speak in technical terms, rather we speak
in a clear and direct manner so that we can be well
understood. We speak to our sellers in an informal,
polite way like a mentor would.