A stunning, fully functional online store, in just a few clicks Would you like to scale-up your e-commerce store, without being tied down? Our eCommerce website builder gives you complete control over every aspect of your online store. Whether it’s design and user experience, or hosting and marketing, using our simple admin portal, you’re in charge. Even if you’re not a techie! It’s all thanks to our fully-customizable eCommerce platform, which is 100% open-source and packed with must-have online sales tools.


Shackle-free eCommerce Web Design

You no longer need a separate mobile storefront to cater for your mobile customers. With our brand-new eCommerce platform, your store will seamlessly reconfigure for whichever device it’s accessed through. And it will look great when it does. No nasty coding, and no complex design tweaks needed. We’ve done all the complicated stuff, leaving you free to create a successful online store quickly and, importantly, without breaking the bank.

55 Impactful Ecommerce Templates

Scrolling through our theme store, you’ll find 5 FREE color schemes for your store, and 55 beautiful clean themes. These themes are all responsive, stylish, and fully-customizable. What’s more, we’ve given them all sharp, universal designs, so they’ll look great no matter what you’re selling.

Mobile-first Ecommerce Platform

Thanks to our beautifully responsive and mobile-optimized web design, our online shopping cart has Google’s very own seal of approval for ‘mobile friendliness’! Naturally, a better shopping experience means better SEO, and higher conversions. We’ve got you covered.

Intuitive Drag-and-drop Interface

Never before has it been this easy to modify your online store’s look and feel. Simply stop by the ‘layout editor’ mode, and drag and drop the blocks to where you want them. What’s more, it gets even easier – if you’d prefer a pre-made layout, we’ve loaded the editor with plenty of sleep grab-and-go options!

Your fully personalized e-commerce store

You’re completely free to edit our designer templates. It’s not too tricky. All you need to do is enter ‘webmaster’ mode, click on the related element from the storefront, and apply additional styling with the Custom CSS option. You can also customize your site JavaScript and build bespoke email notifications templates.

Perhaps you’re looking to create a bespoke site from scratch? Our certified experts are here to help, and are just a click away.

Design help from certified experts

Our web designers are itching to assist. Let them know what you need, and they’ll get straight to work. They’ll ensure your store is mobile and tablet-friendly, and optimized for all web browsers and retina displays. What’s more, they can create custom made mobile store designs that really stand out from the crowd. Whatever it is you have in mind, let them know – there’s very little they can’t do!

Shackle-free eCommerce hosting

Unlike comparable platforms such as Magento, our eCommerce sites can be run from any location. If it’s easier for you, you’re welcome to run your eCommerce site on one of our servers, or even one of our partners’ servers.

Solid-State Drives (SSDs)

With lower latency, faster read and write speeds, and more consecutive operations supported, SSDs offer a much-improved alternative to traditional HDDs. Choose the right option and make sure your site performance is the very best it can be.

Exclusive Hosting Server

The security of customer data and commercial information is vital to any eCommerce business. And we take the protection of our clients’ data very seriously indeed. That’s why we allocate a separate VPS server to every client, ensuring that no other account will ever be able to bypass security, and access your vital information.

Lightning Fast Speeds

With 2 CPUs allocated to the 24-hour processing of your business operations, you can be assured of a super-speedy service. What’s more, the RAM you’ve paid for in your hosting plan will always be available, regardless of how busy the physical machine may be.

Inventory management

User-friendly Product Management

Time is money, it’s true. And with our inventory management functionality, you can be sure to save valuable paperwork time when keeping track of product and variant stock levels. View your bestsellers and low stock products directly within your dashboard, and quickly get to grips with which products your customers really love.

Rapid Stock Updates

Our ‘update inventory’ module allows you to update product quantities in bulk, according to their SKU. Better still, you can add as many products as you like. That’s right - unlimited products!

Export/Import Inventory Data

Need that crucial import or export data in CSV? Or perhaps you want to conduct some trend analysis directly in MS Excel? No matter what your reporting system, we’ve got you covered. Our eCommerce shopping cart software allows you to import and export data at your own free will – whether it’s an .xls, .xlsx or .ods file format you’re after.

Bulk Product Editing

eCommerce is fun. Nevertheless, no matter what your niche, some associated tasks are monotonous and time-consuming. Product editing is definitely one such task. Our system has a handy function whereby clients can bulk-edit multiple products that all required a similar change. This will save you considerable time and energy, and allow you to get back to more exciting work!

Search Product Details by UPC And Name

Keep your catalog accurate and on-point. Add product data and images in one easy step. There’s no need to painstakingly create product descriptions for all your products, especially when someone else has already done the hard work for you. Your store will seamlessly integrate with external product libraries such as ItemMaster, Aerse, Outpan, and Amazon. Just like your very own virtual assistant, our software draws in the relevant product descriptions from these sites, allowing you to put your feet up and relax.

Marketing and SEO

Drive Traffic That Leads to Loyal Customers

Getting customers can be a challenge. Getting repeat customers is an even bigger one. Well, not with our system. You’ll have a whole host of loyalty tools at your fingertips, ready to make the most of your website traffic. Use our loyalty programs, abandoned cart reminders, exit offers, and advanced banner system to ensure that every customer becomes a repeat customer. What’s more, upselling is easy using our ‘customers also bought’ and ‘recently viewed’ functions. Give your customers a nudge towards the check-out. Grab their attention with ‘new arrivals’ and ‘coming soon’ products, and encourage them to buy with ‘featured products’ and ‘bestsellers’.

Effective SEO Tools

Concerned about your search rankings? Don’t be. We’ll equip you with all the tools you need to rank highly and optimize your click-through-rate in organic searches. We give you clean, canonical URLs, configurable page titles, and a great deal more. Auctions, Coupons and Discounts

Run classic auctions on your site, entice with discount codes, and give rewards for volume purchases. If your store has different customer membership levels, you can also to set separate, group-specific wholesale prices. When it comes to eCommerce, we know what works. As such, our web builder offers countless nifty tricks for multiplying those all-important sale figures!

Powerful Email Marketing

Are you making the most of your email marketing opportunity? Using our platform, you soon will be. Ramp up your e-marketing efforts with MailChimp and unlock the hidden potential of transactional notifications with Mandrill. Abandoned carts are the perfect opportunity to entice an indecisive customer into making a purchase. Our platform can automatically send beautiful abandoned cart emails, reminding your customer of that super product that recently caught their attention. Who doesn’t benefit from a gentle reminder from time to time?

Advanced In App Marketing

With mobile tech ever-more central to our day-to-day, mobile-only deals, location-specific offers, mobile loyalty programs, and timely push promotions will all give you a strong competitive edge. With people spending almost 90% of their mobile time in-app, clever mobile marketing is the ideal way in which to catch your customers’ attention.

Social Buttons

Product ratings and reviews are super-important for eCommerce stores. Give your customers quick access to product ratings and reviews, with like, tweet, G+, and Pin buttons readily available. Using our platform, your customers will share your content with ease, and link their friends with your friends on social media. Sit back and watch your online community grow!

Interchangeable Languages

Is your operation a global one? Never fear - your storefront and catalog can be easily translated into over 40+ languages. You can also set up right-to-left typing, if you like.

Payment gateways

One-Step and Multi-Step Checkouts

With the checkout process separated into several stages, our fast-lane checkout simplifies the entire purchasing process, making it easier than ever before for your customers to submit an order. Less abandoned carts, more sales. What’s not to love?

Guest Checkout

If you don’t want to force customers to sign-up and, instead, would like to offer them a speedy ordering process, guest checkout is for you. This is easily enabled within our software, allows customers to breeze through your checkout, and allows you to monitor anonymous order behavior, according to email address.

Simple, secure, one-click installation with seamless upgrades

When it comes to your eCommerce store, are you itching to take back the reigns? With a single click, your beautiful, responsive website will be ready for you, and ready to boost your online traffic and reputation. What’s more, upgrading your site is just as easy as setting it up.

One Click Module Installation

Seen a cute design template, or a handy module that you’d like to integrate into your site? In just a matter of clicks, your new eCommerce features are installed and good-to-go. It’s just as easy as downloading an app from Google Play or the App Store. Make the most out of your site – get clicking!

Simple Upgrade Procedure

Your eCommerce store can be easily tailored to meet your exact requirements. With a flexible modular architecture, rest assured that you can get to work on customizing your site without damaging fundamental site mechanics.

High Level Security

When it comes to security, we’re very clear. Only the best will do. That’s why we are 100% PCI DSS compliant for safe payment acceptance and processing. Rest assured that your customers’ security is just as much of a priority for us as it is for you.