Starting an online business is just the first step. You also need to think about web design, hosting, marketing, and so much more! That’s what we are here for.

With vstores, you can have a fully-functioning online store in no time at all!

We can halp you with hosting, managing, and operating your online store.

Reliable hosting comes standard with all our packages. Never loose access to you store, or negatively impact your image by bad performance.

Enjoy 3-month of free support. Even after that, you will still receive the same quality of service your store needs.

You can choose to focus on marketing and customer acquisition while we manage your store for you.

“Joining vstores gives you access to powerful features and benefits
that help you kickstart your online presence.”

High-end Web Design Tools: Build a Personalized and Responsive Website!

Whether you get traffic from mobiles, tablets, or desktops, we have got you covered! We can help you create a responsive online store that is automatically reconfigured according to the device it is accessed from.
You can also visit our theme store and gain access to:
  • 5 color schemes (Absolutely FREE!)
  • 55 beautiful temlates
These themes are all responsive, stylish, and fully-customizable as well. What’s more, they are based on universal designs, which make them suitable for every kind of product and service.
You are also free to change the look and feel of your online store whenever you want. Thanks to the vstores “layout editor” mode, you can customize your online store to suit what you have in mind. We also have a pre-made layout that can help you get your store online much faster!
Our “webmaster” mode lets you edit our designer templates as well! If you are familiar with JavaScript, then you can customize your website and include email notification templates too!

Get Help from Web Design Experts

We understand how important it can be for you to get a personalized online store that fits your requirements. That’s why we also offer help from certified web designers that can help you create your dream store! Once you share what you have in mind, our web designers will create an original website from scratch. They will also make sure that your store is configured to be tablet, mobile, and desktop friendly, and is optimized to run on all web browsers. Their custom-made designs can really help you in setting up an online store that stands out from the crowd!

E-Commerce Hosting: Access Your Site from Anywhere!

vstores also offers supreme hosting features. Our e-commerce websites can be run from any location. You can get your site hosted on one of our servers as well (or the servers belonging to our partners). We also offer:
  • Solid-State Drives that have a lower latency and faster reading and writing speeds
  • Individual VPS servers for every client
  • 2 CPUs to ensure fast processing
  • Maximum RAM availability
Thanks to our hosting features, you can enjoy optimum performance of your site at all times. You can also rest easy knowing that all your data is completely secure. Safeguarding your information is our highest priority and our defense protocols help prevent any kind of data breach.

Inventory Management: Know What Your Customers Love!

Inventory management is a crucial yet time-consuming part of running an online store. Consequently, we also offer an inventory management feature for our clients. Setting up an online store really cannot get any easier. Our inventory management feature automatically keeps track of your stock levels. It also helps you view your best-selling items and items that need to be re-stocked. This can help you gain valuable insights into what your customers are looking for and you can stock up your online store accordingly!
Additionally, you can:
  • Update your inventory in bulk quantities according to their SKUs
  • Export or import your inventory data onto Excel for trend analysis
  • Edit multiple products in bulk amounts
  • Keep your product catalogs updated
  • Source product descriptions from product libraries like Amazon, ItemMaster, Outpan and Aerse and integrate them with your products
The vstores inventory feature is designed to help you save time that would otherwise be spent on monotonous tasks. Unlocking this feature allows you to focus on the more exciting parts of running an online business. You can leave all the clerical work for us. It also helps you understand what your customers prefer and customize your online store accordingly!

Marketing and SEO Tools: Grow Your Online Community!

This is perhaps the most challenging aspect of starting an online business. How do you drive traffic to your website? More importantly, how do you lead these website visitors to make a purchase? Once again, we are here to help you! vstores features a wide range of loyalty tools that can help convert website traffic into loyal customers! We offer:
  • Loyalty programs
  • Abandoned cart reminders via email
  • Exit offers that allow a customer to view newly arrived items and coming soon products while they are checking out
  • An advanced banner system
  • Auctions, discounts, and coupon features
  • Upsell features that allow your customers access to their “recently viewed” items as well as similar items that may be of interest to them.
It doesn’t end here! You can also access our powerful SEO, email marketing, and in-app marketing tools! They can help you:
  • Improve your click-through rate for organic searches
  • Integrate your email marketing efforts with platforms such as MailChimp and Mandrill
  • Take advantage of push-notifications and in-app mobile marketing to drive up your sales
vstores also allows your customers to share your products and services without any hassle. Our built-in social buttons can allow your customers to provide quick ratings and reviews for your products and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.
If you are looking to establish a global presence, then our Languages feature will prove to be extremely useful to you as well. It allows you to have your storefront and product catalog translated into more than forty languages!

Payment Gateways: Safety and Speed Guaranteed!

A lot of customers tend to abandon their shopping carts if the checkout process takes too long or is too complicated. With vstores, the checkout process is separated into multiple stages. This helps simplify the purchasing process for your customers and increases your sales! We also offer guest checkout options for customers looking to place a quick order.
vstores offers payment procedures that are compliant with PCI DSS systems. After all, your customer’s security is of prime importance and we are here to make sure that all their data is processed in a secure manner.

Safe to say, if you are thinking of starting an online business,
then vstores has got you covered!
Be it website hosting, online store design, inventory management, or high-end marketing and
SEO tools, we have got it all!
Join vstores and turn your online business into a success!

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